Briviba radit | EN

What does it mean to create and at the same time to be free from prejudices and dogmas of society?
What is ok in the 21st century?
How and why to create your art on historically very complex topics?
The independent curator and researcher of art processes Auguste Petre, poet, translator and researcher Kaspars Zalāns, will talk about all this, as well as the group – Pizdets I Meyk The Hevi Metāls, which consists of Scottish- Bulgarian musician and composer Aleksandrs Matjussons and Latvian choir conductor and rock musician Linards Kalniņš.
In the course of the evening, there will also be a group concert, through which they will reveal the political, historical and societal background of each song, their experiences and the censorship they have experienced.
The discussion will be led by the young poet Rihards Ošenieks.
Registration is mandatory, the number of places is limited! Application link in bio!
Free snacks and refreshments will be available for a better evening!!!
The project was created thanks to the German-Baltic Future Foundation. This year In October, the German-Baltic conference will take place in Tartu, where young people from Europe will discuss topics important to Europe. The lessons learned in this discussion will be included in the theses of the conference working group – „Freedom of Creative Expression”.